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Zhe Wang

Patent Attorney

Practice Specialty:
Drafting of patent documents, application, OA response, invalidation, reexamination, infringement litigation, patent search, and legal consultation in the field of mechanical engineering and related fields.

Educational History :

Graduated from Beijing Institute of Technology, with a Bachelor's degree in Mechanical and Electrical Engineering.

Professional Experiences:
Engaged in the work of patent agents for many years and undertaken the patent case involving a number of enterprises, including:

Zoomlion: Crane equipment, hydraulic equipment, engineering machinery and equipment; Beiqi Futon: auto parts and related machinery and equipment;

Shenhua Group: mining machinery and equipment;

Siemens: high voltage vacuum destroy arc device, movable contact assembly, and a safety lock, switch etc.;

BOE: monitors, LCD screen, a glass substrate, testing equipment, and other products;

Datang Telecom, telecom equipment class anti-theft devices, etc.;

ENN solar energy: solar panels and other.


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